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Today, in an era when our image of the world has been completely de-sacralized, humanity feels the lack of auraticity – not only on the level of artworks, but also on the level of the objects that surround us in our everyday lives. Paradoxically, the task of reestablishing the sacred is being carried out by materialist science. This amazing phenomenon is a response to the demand of our time.

Nowadays, new scientific discoveries in the area of biotechnology pose a challenge to artists working in the field of BIOART: creating a synthesis between the notions of the sacred and the auratic on the one hand, and the materialistic and the scientific on the other. One of the most notable and relevant developments that exemplify this tendency is the revival of that long-lost, most mysterious sacred plant of the ancients – the apharsemon, whose scent made much of the population of the world tremble in holy awe.   

Copyright © Lilia Chak, 2009